INJ-6B injector cleaner & tester


Professional ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning and flow testing.


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Professional ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning and flow testing. With programmable or manual testing settings, you may step through the diagnostic procedures to help you to distinguish injector problems, by visually checking fuel injector for leaks and spray patterns, and electronically check current draw and confirm flow rates.

May apply to automotive, motorcycle, marine and many others. Our ultrasonic cleaning and electronic testing procedures will restore most injectors to a reliable factory new condition, eliminating the purchase of new and expensive OEM or after market fuel injectors. Not to mention the fuel savings and rough engine idle compare to one that never look after their injectors performance.



  • Depth 600
  • Height 670
  • Weight 20
  • Width 470
    INJ-6B Injector Cleaner & Tester integrates the most advanced control technology and environmental concepts. INJ-6B can clean and test all kinds of automotive injectors by simulating engine working conditions and can also on-vehicle clean the fuel supply system.



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