Wolfgang Fuzion Carnauba-Polymer Estate Wax

Wolfgang Fuzion Carnauba-Polymer Estate Wax

Wolfgang Fuzion Estate Wax is a hand-crafted blend of carnauba wax, German Super Polymers, and proprietary ingredients that yield unequaled shine and protection. Wolfgang Fuzion Estate Wax has been enhanced with more glossifiers for a more intense wet look and improved slickness.

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Wolfgang Fuzion Carnauba-Polymer Estate Wax (8 oz.)

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Wolfgang Concours Series is a collection of products built 
around German Super Polymers - the long-lasting, high-bonding, 
crystalline polymers that give Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0 
its irresistible gloss. Wolfgang has been at the forefront of synthetic 
auto enhancement for several years, but with our newest creation, 
we went back to the drawing board.

Wolfgang Fuzion Estate Wax represents a new era in which the traditional car wax fuses with cutting edge, synthetic ingredients to form the ultimate high gloss, high bonding car wax. With Wolfgang Fuzion, nothing is compromised.

Wolfgang Fuzion Estate Wax is a hand-crafted emulsion of the world's finest white carnauba wax, German "Super" Polymers, and proprietary ingredients. Instead of relying solely on manmade ingredients, Wolfgang Fuzion Estate Wax draws upon nature's finest wax to take advantage of its breathtaking shine and visual liquidity. Combined with our cutting edge polymers, white carnauba wax takes on a gloss, depth, and dimension unmatched by other synthetic waxes.

White carnauba wax is the purest, most transparent natural wax on earth. Its visual clarity and wet-looking shine are absolutely unbeatable. Carnauba wax naturally repels water, airborne pollutants, and ultraviolet radiation. These protective properties are maximized by Wolfgang ground-breaking German Super Polymers. Ultimately, Wolfgang Fuzion Estate Wax gives your vehicle synthetic protection and dramatic visual impact all in one incredible car wax.

When Wolfgang Fuzion Estate Wax is applied to your vehicle, the carnauba fuses with the polymers in a cross-linked matrix of protective molecules. This woven polymer shield is your vehicle's best defense against moisture, airborne pollutants, bird droppings, insects, and UV radiation. The super polymers reinforce carnauba's natural defense and promote maximum bonding to the paint.

Wolfgang Fuzion's anti-static properties maintain a slick, glossy, reflective finish for months. Wolfgang Fuzion Estate Wax leaves such a slick, repellent surface; contaminants cannot stick. Fuzion repels water, dirt, dust, oil, and resists smudges and fingerprints.Regular washes with Wolfgang Auto Bathe will allow dirt to slide off the paint. Incredible sheeting action cuts your drying time in half and leaves the paint spotless.

Wolfgang Fuzion Estate Wax looks breathtaking on any color.Reds and blacks shimmer with depth. White, pearls, and silvers drip with shine. Colors appear deeper and more saturated. The vehicle will appear dipped in gloss with light bouncing off every curve. This is what waxmakers have been striving for. Wolfgang brings it to you in every jar of Wolfgang Fuzion Estate Wax.



Wolfgang Fuzion Wax is poured in limited quantities. Each jar is boxed in a signature wooden case with a foam applicator. Each 8 oz. container of wax is inspected and packaged with a hand-numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Max.

Wolfgang's signature heirloom box is handmade for each jar of Wolfgang Fuzion Estate Wax. The box is built of Baltic Birch with an angled lid to display the wax.

The wood is stained a warm honey tone to accentuate the wood grain and affixed with sophisticated bronze hinges and a latch. Each case is then branded with the Wolfgang logo. This elegantly crafted box is lined in foam to protect the wax during transport and storage.

The Wolfgang signature case can be used for personal storage as well. Use the box to store watches, cufflinks, and mementos. The fine wood grain and excellent craftsmanship make the Wolfgang Fuzion case an attractive and functional addition to a desk, dresser, or workstation.





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